The two-rail conveyors consist of a double track, i.e. which has two runways made with suitably shaped profiles, welded to special elements, which guarantee their correct positioning. The combination of straight track sections, curves, both horizontal and vertical, and switches allows the creation of the desired layout.

The chain runs inside a runway and is equipped with tow hooks; the piece-carrying trolleys travel in the other runway. While the chain is always kept moving, the trolleys are hooked to the chain or unhooked by special devices controlled by the transport management system. In this way the motion condition of each carriage can be adapted to the specific requirement of every single phase of the process.

The adoption of switches makes it possible to direct the trolleys along different routes, while the possibility of accumulating the transport units, compacting them closely together, makes it possible to create warehouses or buffers, greatly reducing the occupied surface.

The working environment temperature can reach 240°C.

Our two-rail conveyors can be made both in the overhead version, and therefore need to be suspended from an existing or specially made structure, and in the overturned version, needing in this case to be laid on the floor with simple supports. The overturned version can also be housed in a hole made in the floor and, where necessary, suitably covered with metal plates, from which only the piece holder unit comes out.

Our two-rail overhead conveyors are suitable for transporting loads up to a maximum of 6,000 kg which can be lifted, with appropriate precautions, up to 12,000 kg.

The inverted two-rail conveyor version is suitable for carrying loads up to a maximum of 30 kg in the basic version and up to 250 kg in the presence of a trolley.